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Dynatoi Riders Keller Cycling Group

We get the name for our cycling group from the Greek word "dynamis" which translates "power" (the word from which "dynamite" is derived). Dynamis denotes the attributes of strength, ability, and miraculous power. As a cycling group we seek to live up to our name by challenging each other to become stronger riders while also developing authentic relationships.

Our Group

We are avid cyclists in North Tarrant County hosting friendly group rides open to men and women of varying experience and skill levels.

Our Rides

We ride together throughout the week with regular road cycling rides on Saturday mornings. We also participate in many local cycling rallies.

Our Purpose

Faith, family, and friends -- as individuals and as a group we strive to live out our faith and values as we enjoy the sport of cycling together.

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Latest Alert

07.18.14 @ 8:08 AM
The Goatneck ride in Cleburne is next Saturday and I am considering riding since I've not done this one before. I am most likely interested in the 40 mile ride, but could be persuaded to do the 70. Anyway, I have room for two additional riders and bikes in my truck and wanted to see if anyone else was interested. If so, send me an email and we'll work out the details. For more details, go to the "Our Rides" page on our website and you will find a link to the event.

Chris Zumwalt